Junior Scientist Energy Research Fellowship Competition

Deadline: June 20, 2007
Award Notification: August 23, 2007
Award Amount: up to USD 7,500
Eligibility: Must be a Resident of Kazakhstan, Russian Federation, Ukraine, or Uzbekistan. See program announcement for full eligibility requirements.

CRDF is pleased to announce a new initiative to promote research in the field of renewable and sustainable energy. CRDF’s Junior Scientist Energy Research Fellowship is a three-month opportunity for Eurasian Junior Scientists to travel to the United States and work with a U.S. specialist to pursue a project that aims to reduce worldwide dependency on non-renewable energy resources.

The program’s focus is to provide Junior Scientists with the opportunity to frame an issue and pose a research project in the following specific areas:

  • Technologies for Increased Energy Efficiency and Conservation
  • Alternative Energy Development and Applications

These fellowships are designed to support new collaborations, as well as to promote pre-existing relationships. Fellowship applicants must be residents of Kazakhstan, Russian Federation, Ukraine, or Uzbekistan.

Applicants must secure a relationship with a researcher in the U.S. who will serve as a host and mentor. Because this competition is directed toward students and early-career researchers, CRDF may be able to provide initial contacts to applicants who request assistance in locating an appropriate U.S. specialist. Applications will be evaluated through CRDF’s peer-review system.

Each research fellowship will provide up to USD 7,500, including per diem stipends, travel funds, accommodation, and related research expenses.


  • Must be a Resident of Kazakhstan, Russian Federation, Ukraine, or Uzbekistan
  • Graduate students, postdoctoral students, and recent Ph.D. or Kandidat graduates (degree completed within last six years) from above-mentioned countries.
  • Travel must be completed between October 1, 2007 to September 30, 2008
  • Proficiency in English, both written and spoken
  • Priority will be given to projects that persuasively propose:
  • Research leading to the potential solution of an actual energy-focused scientific problem in both Eurasia and the United States
  • Research topics with a high likelihood of resulting in a publication within a peer-reviewed international scientific journal
  • First-time travel to the United States, or travel to establish collaborations with new institutions or specialists.